35 years of experience can bring your ideas to life.

Effective prototyping solutions.
For the demanding and competitive industry, solutions must derive through experience and knowledge.
Among our customers are all well known names in the Food industry, Dairy industry, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrochemical industries, Power plants, Universities, Research institutions and big Private labs.




CONTROLA is an engineering and manufacturing compa- ny active in the industrial sector for custom made solu- tions and machinery. We are providing solutions to our customers for the production or laboratory field starting from the conception of an idea to the manufacturing of the product.




Controla S.A. provides a range of advanced technology equipment and related services under the following inde- pendent sectors:

  • Development of laboratory equipment.
  • R&D and Prototyping for custom made solutions,
  • Special on-line industrial applications.
  • Industrial applications
  • Environmental applications
  • Scientific equipment
  • Chemical - reagents
  • Laboratory consumables 

Mechanical Design & Engineering


eng1Mechanical Design is one of the fundamental skills in Engineering that enables the total defi- nition of a product during its development.

We are specialized in providing innovative solutions, combining the latest technology with the classic engineering methods.

Our experienced team in co-operation with our clients is able to develop a product from concept throughout production or to improve existing ones.

All stages of design and development are carried out according to specifications and standards of our customer’s application. 




Prototyping has become a very important factor in Product Development.

It is the process where initially the concept of a product can be digitally visualized.

3D- modeling allows our client to visualize the project, step by step before it is completed. 

This way we eliminate errors early enough, before the production, offering many advantages for the design and development process. 

Electronic Engineering

Controla leads the industry through innovative design, development, and manufacturing of custom integrated electronic components. Our full spectrum of services is structured to meet your unique needs, whether it is a product, a single modular component or a fully engineered electrical/electronic system. We have developed a wide range of electronic solutions including:

  • Electronic/Control System Solutions
  • Embedded Systems
  • Measuring Systems
  • Real Time Control Systems
  • Machine Vision
  • Video Camera Systems
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Remote sensing
  • Data acquisition


Controla is a leader in providing system development, imple- mentation of new or existing systems and the latest in elec- tronic access control. We are specialized in providing embedded systems and prod- ucts that perform critical functions. We have the necessary expertise to develop embedded hardware and software so- lutions to solve your most demanding technical challenges. Our products and design services, range from individual sub- systems to complete turnkey projects.

Software Engineering

The company provides custom solutions, utilizing cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, developing high technology information systems and innovative software applications.

Controla has developed a wide range of state- of-the-art software solutions including:


  • NET Solutions
  • DirectX/OpenGL Apps
  • Machine Vision
  • Image/Video Processing
  • Server Side Applications

We develope specialized kiosks with software / firmware / bluetooth / wifi / usb development needed to manage the system. Also, the company has developed custom real time control systems based on camera for tracking / vision.


Process Analytics

We provide complete measuring solutions and systems for:

  • PH/ORP
  • O2 disolved / O2 in gas phase
  • CO2 disolved / CO2 in gas phase
  • Conductivity / Resistivity
  • TOC
  • O3 (disolved ozone)
  • Turbidity



  • Chemical Processeng11
  • Ultrapure and pure water analytics
  • Water purification processes
  • Biotech and hygienic processes
  • Waste water applications


Industrial Installations

Powder and particle processing activities across a range of industries including Pharma- ceutical, Chemical, Agrochemical, Cosmetics, Food, Confectionery, Pigments, Plastics, Ton- ers, Minerals, Metal Powders, Rubber, Nuclear, Ceramics and Recycling.

Standardized and individual solutions for the process technology industry. Screening and other vibratory equipment. Applications extend from fine materials, through middle-sized products at high through- put rates up to lump sizes of 3t in weight.


Analytical Equipment

We provide and support a wide range of high qua- lity analytical instruments for quality control and research. We exclusively represent well known European producers.



Chemicals - Reagents Laboratory Consumables

We have a wide range of consumables and chemicals in stock, that can be delivered directly to you.