Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes almost all moisture and has less of an effect on a food's taste, consistency, shape and colour than normal dehydration does. The productivity of the units varies between 20Kg / 24hr and 600Kg / 24hr


Freeze & Thaw

Freeze & Thaw is a quality control method for building materials under harsh conditions. It includes freezing in air or water. The units follow several European and international standards like EN 1348.


Electronic Calcimeter - CLM 100

The CL 100 is suitable for the determination of the carbonate content in soil samples. The carbonate content is expressed as an equivalent calcium carbonate content . The ergonomic and user friendly construction offers quick measurements (5-10 sec) and accurate results with repeatability of 0.2% CaCO3. Measuring range : 0.1 - 100% CaCO3. Automatic temperature compensation.


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